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Zalal Mowafaq

Industrial C0. LTD


  • support: +93 (0)700 453 000
  • Saturday to Thursday: 08:00am - 07:00pm

Zalal Mowafaq is best known for

  • Zalal Mineral Water
  • Zam Zam Carbonated Drink 
  • Zamarod Carbonated Drink
  • Mani Juice (Apple, Cherry flavors)
  • Juicy Drink (Peach, Mango flavors)


Get in Touch

Location West side of Falaka e 29 Hamal, Herat, Afghanistan

Cell-phone +93 (0)700 453 000

mail us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Opening time

Sat-Thurs: ....... 08:00am to 07:00pm

Visit time
Sun: ............. 08:00am to11:00am

Wed: ............. 08:00am to11:00am

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